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Business Expo 2015

“Thank you for a great Expo this year.  I know you put a lot of work into it and it really paid off.  The turnout was good and the atmosphere was very positive.  We have been participating in the Expo for many years and this one was by far the best one yet.”  Jeff Pitney, Manager, Branch Office Solutions, Inc.

ArtFest of Matthews 2014

“I can’t to thank you enough.  There are very few promoters that consider the welfare of their vendors like you people do.  That is the reason that yours and Pinehurst are the only outdoor shows I do and will continue to do always. …. Kindest regards and appreciation,”  i Noel Tarnpoll, Artist //

ArtFest of Matthews 2014 Preview Party

“Every event just keeps getting better and better and, with the amazing team you have put together, I just know there is more to come!!! I am so proud to be part of such a class community organization that does so much good for the  Matthews and Charlotte business community.” Helen Sztarkman, Sales Manager, New Markets, REMBE®, INC.

Spotlight Tables – Monthly Business Luncheons

“As a result of (being introduced as a Spotlight Table, including) ….mentioning gift certificates, someone stopped by after lunch to learn a little more about (us).   I really appreciate ALL you and your staff do to support the Chamber businesses.” Sonya Strader, Owner , CottageCare of Charlotte

Greater Matthews 2014 Business Expo

“You did a super fantastic job organizing and staging the Expo!! Thanks for all your hard work to make our chamber the best!! I’m sure that many businesses – including ours – benefited greatly from this terrific event.” Linda Behrle, Green Shoe Marketing Inc

We thought the Business Expo was a huge success!  I was able to reconnect with a lot of businesses and folks that I have not seen in quite a while.  Hats off to you and the Chamber for another great event!”  Lou Ann White, Economy Exterminators, Inc.

“Great event yesterday!  Well worth our time and monetary investment.” Kim Rhodarmer, Executive Director, Matthews Help Center

“Matthews Chamber Business EXPO was terrific.  Thanks for keeping this great event going”.  Paul Babinski, Liberty Health Care – Royal Park

“I want to thank you for putting on such a great Expo. Shelby and I had a great time meeting everyone and getting to try some great food. We were able to make some good contacts and spend time with a lot of our customers.”  Patrick Collins, Collins Cleaners

2013 Greater Matthews Business Expo

“I wanted to personally thank you for a spectacular Expo!! Through out the years, I have participated in many such events, none of which resulted in the amount of new business and inquiries that we have received.  Thanks to you ad your staff for all you do.” Cyndi Henry, Economy Exterminators, Inc.

“This was our second year to participate in the Matthews Chamber annual Greater Matthews Business Expo (formerly known as Taste and Trade).  From our first year we gained enough business to more than cover the costs of participating.  We enjoyed the enhancements from this past year and have already reserved our booth for next year.  It is a very affordable and professional way to showcase your business to the community.”  Sony Strader, CottageCare of Charlotte

Spotlight Tables, 2012

“Smartest thing I could have done as a mew member.” It gave me great exposure & I will definitely do it again. The members were warm & welcoming I highly recommend having a spotlight table for any member who wants to grow their business.”  Rochelle Toga Figa

“Instant exposure for a new member, I felt very  welcome by everyone coming up to my table. It was well worth the investment.”  Manjou Babu

As a spotlight table vendor I felt a warm & welcome reception by everyone who stopped by. I made new business connections & broadened the recognition of ewomen network.”  Lori Dvorak

“We made better connections having a table than we have ever made with just informal networking. There was more interest & involvement with the members. It creates a warm non-sales atmosphere for us to build relationships.”  Brandy & BJ

Having a spotlight table gave us an opportunity to meet more people that we would have & we even connected with a client that we been wanting to touch base with. “Well worth the effort.” Katarina