The Matthews Chamber Women in Business group - or "WiB" - is a resource for young women new to business, working women looking to increase their skills or grow their businesses, and retired women looking to share their knowledge. We welcome members of the Matthews Chamber AND non-chamber members to join us. Meet the members of the Matthews Chamber Women in Business Group!

Please go to our Calendar to preview upcoming Women in Business Events. And once you are a member of the Women in Business group, we will email you an invitation for every event. You'll never miss out again!

Our 2023 Women In Business Sponsorship!


Become a Women in Business Member


If your organization is already a member of the Matthews Chamber, you only pay an additional $25 per year for each individual who wants to join Women in Business. If your organization is not a Matthews Chamber member, don't despair! You can join for $50 per year. (Or your organization can join, and you'll enjoy the lower WIB membership fee, along with a bunch of other benefits!) To become a member of Women in Business today, call the Chamber at 704-847-3649 or email, and we'll get you signed up!